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Nineteen Months
Photographs inspired by the months of the Badí’ calendar.

Badí’ Calendar Tools
Updates on new resources and home to an excellent Chrome extension.

Badí’ Calendar Calculator
Home to one of the best mobile calendar apps, a calendar calculator and custom printable calendars

An online Badí’ calendar

Wondrous-Badí' Today
A great display of the current date with additional resources, optimises for mobile or desktop browsers.


In many ways the Badí’ calendar is simpler  to understand than the Gregorian one commonly used throughout the world today, you can learn the basics about it here.

However, underlying the Badí’ calendar there is a wealth of both mystical and scientific theory which it can be very illuminating to explore, some useful documents and articles to assist in this exploration are hosted on the documents page.

If you would like to start with an audiovisual introduction to the calendar, there is also a collection of online videos.


Sorry, there is no 176 B.E. edition of this available.

Sorry, there are currently no calendar template downloads available

The image used in the site header is published by NOAA and shows the Bahá equinox from space

Resources for increasing familiarity with the Badí’ calendar.

Diaries Diaries

Available in three editions, US Datebook, UK Diary and Generic Planner, all three versions share these features: