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Badí' Wall Calendar

This year’s calendar is only available as a free download.
Designed in International A4 size, US Letter version available.

Main features:

Free Download
(A4 format recommended)

This wall calendar is designed to be a fully functional calendar, with space for writing in your local meetings and appointments, using the Badí’ calendar as the primary date system.

Acknowledging that few of us know the Badí’ calendar well enough to use it independently of the Gregorian calendar, especially as even within the Bahá’í community we still use Coordinated Universal Time (UTC) for our day to day arrangements, the calendar still includes Gregorian dates with an alternating colour system so that Gregorian day numbers are quickly associated with their months. Gregorian weekdays appear along the bottom of the calendar.

Badí’ calendar month names are given in Arabic, transliterated and translated forms. The most prominent representation of the month is in the transliterated Arabic form of the actual Arabic name, eg. Bahá.

On the Badí' calendar each day of a month has two names, a name for the day of the week and a name for the day of the month. Both of these are shown on the calendar. As the monthday names follow the same pattern as the names of the month this also helps familiarisation with the sequence of the months.

As an aside, with the Badí’ calendar it is possible to refer to most of the days in each 19 year period called a Váḥid using only names and no numbers, you can find out how in the Key Facts section of this site.

While the primary purpose of this product is to assist in developing familiarity with the Badí’ calendar, a secondary purpose is to share fabulous photographs of the beautiful Bahá’í holy sites around the world. Great effort has been taken to find photographs of every Bahá’í House of Worship and other Holy places that capture something special.

If you wish to add national holidays and observances to your calendar you can generate a list for your location online at timeanddate.com/holidays

174 B.E. Badi' Wall Calendar Cover

This wall calendar is based on the Badí' calendar as explained in The Bahá’í World Volume 17 and incorporates the announcements made by the Universal House of Justice, in a letter dated 10 July 2014, required for the full implementation of the calendar.

Example Page from 174 B.E. Badi' Wall Calendar

A4 SD Version, 15.8 MB

A4 HD Version, 50.8 MB

US Letter SD Version, 15.8 MB

US Letter HD Version, 50.8 MB

A4 SD Version, 15.8 MB

A4 HD Version, 50.8 MB

US Letter SD Version, 15.8 MB

US Letter HD Version, 50.8 MB

Carry your plans with you and increase your familiarity with the rhythm of the Badí calendar with a Badí & Gregorian pocket diary

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