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AnnualGlorious1. In the name “Badí’ calendar”, what does Badí’ mean?WondrousUnifiedBahá’íThe Universal House of JusticeShoghi Effendi2. Who originated the calendar?Bahá’u’lláhThe BábSiyyid Kázim RashtíSunset on March 20The  sunset before the Bahá (March) Equinox3. For people living in Tehran, Iran, when does the Bahá’í Year Start?The sunset before the ‘Izzat (September) EquinoxThe moment of the Bahá (March) EquinoxThe sunrise before the first new moon after March 20Put a hat onReach its highest point in the sky4. What does the sun do at the Bahá (March) equinox?Shine at its brightestCross the equator from south to northBecome a full circleThe Birth of MuhammadThe Birth of the Báb5. Which event occurred in the first year of the Badí’ calendar?The Birth of Bahá’u’lláhThe Declaration of the BábThe Ascension of Bahá’u’lláh12186. How many months are there in a Bahá’í year?19none18 or 19 depending on the date of Naw-Rúz29287. In a leap year, how many days have the shortest month have?18199Fast from sunrise to sunsetCelebrate the twelve days of Riḍván8. During the month of ‘Alá’ (Loftiness), most Bahá’ís…Renew their home furnishingsMake extra visits to the sick and give more to the poorDo one good deed a dayFamous BábísFamous Bahá’ís9. What are the months of the year named after?Attributes of GodZoroastrian Star SignsAncient Egyptian GodsAt the end of the Bahá’í yearBetween the months of Raḥmat and Kalimát10. Where is the festival of Ayyám-I-Há positioned on the calendar?8 - 11 or 12 ‘AẓamatBetween the months of Mulk and ‘Alá’Immediately following the Bahá (March) equinoxJamálJamíl11. Which name, meaning Glory, is given to the first day of the week?KamálJalálBaháWednesdayThursday12. The Bahá’íday of rest is mainly of which Gregorian day?SundayMondayFridayDay of the weekWeek of the year13. Núr, meaning light, is the name of the fifth…?Day of the monthYear of the VáḥidVáḥid of the Kull-i-Shay’95 Days5 Months14. How long is a Váḥid?95 Months19 Years9 Kull-i-Shay’s5 years9 years15. How long is a Kull-i-Shay’?19 years95 years361 years1 Qawl19 Qawl16. On which date is the Feast of Qawl ideally held?19 Qudrat (end of the month before Qawl)1 Masá’íl (start of month after Qawl)The first Saturday in QawlOctober 20 and November 12First and second days after the year’s eighth new moon17. When are the Births of the Báb and Bahá’u’lláh celebrated’?First and second days after the year’s ninth new moonFirst and second days after the summer solsticeOn the year’s eighth and ninth new moonsLondonHaifa18. Which city is used in determining the first day of the year?AkkaTehranBushehrLibraAquarius19. Which Zodiac sign does the sun enter on the first day of the year?AriesTaurusPisces