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How to complete your downloaded planner

The 175 B.E. PDF is designed to be printed on fairly small paper, but could also be printed on larger paper to create a desk diary. The download edition requires 17 sheets of paper.

From the Print dialog in Adobe Reader, options will look different depending on which version you are using, but the following should help…

Your diary should be printed such that all the pages are in the correct order, you may wish to check that none of the pages are poorly printed or creased.

There are three main ways of fixing the pages together: To determine the centre of the pages it may help to fold a blank piece of paper in half, open it again and then place it on top of the printed sheets. If you use this method, be sure to remove this extra page before binding the pages.

Do not fold the printed diary pages until you have secured them together, as this will probably result in problems closing the diary properly

Use a long-arm stapler to stable it together with two staples about 3/4 inch away from the top and bottom edges, along the centre.

Stitch the diary with needle and thread, make five small holes evenly spaced along the centre fold and weave the thread in and out of the holes a few times, ensuring it is tight, before securely tying the thread on the outside and cutting away any excess.

There are a couple of ways that string can be used to loosely hold the pages together, it may not be as practical to use.

 i. Make two holes through the whole diary about ¼ inch in from the edge, making sure that the hole is far enough in to create two separate holes on the centre pages, rather than going through the centre fold. Then use two small pieces of string to tie a loop through each hole, with the knots on the outside. Ensure that the knot is fairly loose else you will not be able to turn the pages properly.

or ii. Make two holes through the centre fold of the diary, about 3/4 inch from the top and bottom, then put one end of a piece of string through each hole so that you have a a solid length on the inside and two loose ends on the outside, tie the string together leaving a little bit of give.

Once you have fixed the pages together, fold the diary in half over the bound centre. Most of the page edges on the unbound side will now protrude out from the cover, use a guillotine, scissors or cutting knife to carefully trim the overlapping edges of the pages so that they are more neatly aligned.


While it may be rewarding to prepare your own diary, if you do not have the resources at hand it might be more economical to buy one that is already made. This year the generic edition is also vailable from Amazon.

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UK and International editions are in British English, wherever purchased..
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